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Hispanic Center UK
A meeting place for culture and diversity


The Hispanic Uk Center was born from an initiative of the company D&S Student Services, which has as one of its objectives, to contribute to the Hispanic population in its training and information process within the United Kingdom, thus contributing to a better social and cultural cohesion. . On this basis, the creation of an intercultural meeting space is given rise where all the people who participate in it can contribute the best of themselves, both personally and professionally.

The Hispanic Center, carries out the project of “Activities for adults” and “Extracurricular activities” project that is part of the child and youth care program whose main objective is to offer them a social and cultural space that allows you to maintain your Hispanic roots.

Nuestro equipo está formado por expertos cordial y altamente especializado. Trabajamos con la mayor eficacia usando las normas de calidad más exigentes y las mejores técnicas.

Our team is made up of friendly and highly specialized experts. We work with the greatest efficiency using the most demanding quality standards and the best techniques.


This initiative consists of the creation of extracurricular informal education spaces for all families that independently do not have the possibility for their children to participate in various activities after their schools or institutes.

The main purpose of this project is to contribute to the integral formation of children and youth in our community, contributing a grain of sand to the development of all their intelligences, to the discovery of all their potentials, to self-knowledge and, above all, to the strengthening of their self esteem.



Education is the main component of the social fabric and the best instrument to guarantee equality and access to a better quality of life for all, as well as training the human talent required for competitiveness and community development.

The Hispanic Center UK wants to educate and train our students with means and a high-quality academic program that enhances their abilities, skills and abilities and that are so necessary for them to become protagonists and transformers of their environment.


We are a reference center in the field of education, culture. We provide the Hispanic community with a multicultural meeting place in each of our delegations.

We seek to establish mechanisms that allow us to empower our community and give them tools to help them undertake and improve their opportunities within a society as competitive as that of the United Kingdom. We work for and by our youth, so that they can develop their creativity through music and art and have a point of access and approach to their roots, thanks to activities focused on maintaining contact with their culture.

Our values

The values of Centro Hispano UK are a set of ethical and professional principles, through which we have chosen to guide our activities and that describe the spirit of service to the community that we want to offer.


It is easy and usual to promise quality, but not everyone can deliver. We are committed to this and we always insist on the processes until the service obtained is the best possible. Under no circumstances do we settle for less.


Always reach out to those who need it, put collective well-being before profit, and know how to put limits on competition inside and outside the organization. This is fundamental and helps us to give absolute priority to the people who come to our center.


Responsibility implies a mixture of gratitude, loyalty and sincerity, which, in terms of an organization like ours, is synonymous with social and community commitment not only with our students, but with society in general.


It is as important to give it as to receive it. Trust has to do with faith in the pledged word and in the good wishes of the other, even when this means facing greater self-demands. The Hispanic UK center aspires to be a place of reference for the community and therefore, mutual trust must be one of our pillars.


In times of extreme individualism, common management and teamwork become a highly demanded value, which serves to exercise tolerance, respect and consideration. We seek to create an excellent work team that allows us to transmit professionalism to each of the members of the community that approaches any of our facilities.


The pursuit of one's own path, even when that means facing great challenges and greater demands. We are creating a completely new and innovative educational product in the United Kingdom and we hope that the Hispanic community residing in the UK will widely benefit from this model. Our team is made up of friendly and highly specialized experts.


In each of our spaces we will offer various activities in the sports area, languages, music, plastic and corporal expression; Likewise, we will offer spaces for school reinforcement and support in their daily duties.

These activities will be carried out according to the demand of the family community and the possibilities offered by each locality.

The UK Hispanic Center, with the care of offering direct attention to the Hispanic community, has a team of professionals that actively works to set up centers in all the cardinal points of London, projecting in the areas of Haringey, Lamberth, Croydon , Ilford among others; and some other cities like Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brixton, Southampton and Crawley.


All families residing in the United Kingdom have the right to receive financial support for the care of their children. The state has a set of contributions for which each family can apply and benefit according to their needs. Our after school activities are supported through the CHILDCARE Benefit https://www.gov.uk/childcare-grant.

Every child between the ages of 8 and 18 has the right to carry out extracurricular activities and receive support from the state, which contributes 85% of the cost of these activities and the family would contribute the remaining 15%.

However, from our Child and Youth Care Program, and in order to contribute to the sustainability of our families, we assume that remaining 15% in such a way that no family that belongs to this project does not have to make any contribution. extra in your economy.

The Hispanic Uk Center together with Mentor ASC, offer a set of activities that take place throughout the week, from Monday to Friday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

With the support of Childcare, each participant has the right to participate in each of the activities that are taught during each day. These activities are designed to cover all areas of interest for young people and infants and can be grouped into:

  • School support activities (science and mathematics)
  • Languages (Spanish and English)
  • Sports (swimming, boxing, soccer, among others)
  • Plastic expression (painting and drawing)
  • Music (singing, guitar, violin and piano)
  • Body expression (dance, sound and movement)

It is very important to point out that, in each center, the activities are developed according to the demand and interest of the community, so we do not close the possibilities of including other activities or that one of the mentioned activities is not offered in some of the centers. 

Before application you have to ensure your eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, the application is made through Universal Credit or The Working tax. When making the application, the state issues a response to each family indicating the amount and date of payment.

The Hispanic Center UK, through its Charity, will assume any difference in payment that is expected to be debited to each family for any reason. This process will take approximately two to three weeks.

To find out if you are eligible, certain conditions must be met:

a. Be registered with Universal Credit or Working Tax. If any family does not have a record, you can do it immediately with our

b. Have been eligible for any of the above circumstances.

c. Demonstrate that each person responsible for the family is working at least 16 hours per week.

Any boy or girl between the ages of 8 and 18 may benefit from Childcare if their family is eligible.

Childcare only admits two minor family members in the application. However, if any family has more than two children, El Centro Hispano UK immediately activates the scholarship program for minors, so that no minor of the family that is between the stipulated ages, would be excluded.

 Passport of each member of the family
 Birth certificate of minors
 Proof of Address
 Duly completed application form (English)
 Registration and compliance form (Spanish)

Note: It is extremely important to know the access data to the UC or WT so you must bring it with you previously confirmed.

  1. Once the application is made, an invoice is issued for the first payment to which you must report to Childcare.
  2. As mentioned, you will receive an email confirming the approval of the aid.
  3. Once you receive the first payment, it must be fully deposited into the account provided at the time of application.
  4. When making the deposit, a new invoice will be generated at the same time to be delivered to Childcare. So every month.
  5. If at any part of the process you receive an unexpected response from Childcare, do not hesitate to contact us or go directly to our offices, and we will resolve the situation immediately.
  6. Once the first payment is made, the children of the family will start the activities!


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